Third International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design 

18-20 June, 2003 Guimarães, Portugal

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Detailed Programme of the ACSD 2003 Conference

Wednesday, 18th June 2003

08.00-08.45: Registration

08.45-09.00: Opening session

09.00-10.00: Invited talk 

The Reality of System Design Today: Do Theory and Practice meet?
Grant Martin (PDF)

10.00-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-12.30: Session 1 

Polychrony for Formal Refinement-Checking in a System-Level Design Methodology
J.-P. Talpin, P. Le Guernic, S. Kumar Shukla, R. Gupta, and F. Doucet

Case Studies of Model Checking for Embedded System Designs
X. Chen, H. Hsieh, F. Balarin, and Y. Watanabe

Quasi-Static Scheduling for Concurrent Architectures
J. Cortadella, A. Kondratyev, L. Lavagno, and Y. Watanabe

Synthesis of Open Reactive Systems from Scenario-Based Specifications
Y. Bontemps and P.-Y. Schobbens

12.30-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.30: Session 2 

Detecting State Coding Conflicts in STG Unfoldings Using SAT
V. Khomenko, M. Koutny, and A. Yakovlev

A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Checking Consistency of Free-Choice Signal Transition Graphs
J. Esparza

Separation of Concerns in the Formal Design of Real-Time Shared Data-Space Systems
M. R. Mousavi, M. Reniers, T. Basten, and M. Chaudron

15.30-16.00: Coffee break

16.00-17.15: Tool Session 1 

C-Sim Version 5.0
R. Jokl and S. Racek

ABTOOLS: Another B Tool
J.-L. Boulanger

Rialto Profile in the SMW Toolkit
D. Björklund, J. Lilius, and I. Porres

HiWorD: A Petri Net-Based Hierarchical Workflow Designer
B. Benatallah, P. Chrzastowski-Wachtel, R. Hamadi, M. O’Dell, and A. Susanto

CAST—A Task-Level Concurrency Analysis Tool
S. Stuijk, T. Basten, and J. Ypma 

17.30-18.30: IFIP Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems
(SIG-ES) Meeting

18.45: Coaches leave for the Welcome Reception at IEC (City of Braga)

22.00: Coaches return

Thursday, 19th June 2003

09.00-10.00: Invited talk 

Cyclic Communicating Processes: Abstraction, Hierarchy and Verification
P.S. Thiagarajan (PDF)

10.00-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-12.30: Session 4

Modelling a Secure, Mobile, and Transactional System with CO-OPN
D. Buchs, S. Chachkov, and D. Hurzeler

Developing a Formal Specification for the Mission System of a Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
L. Petrucci, J. Billington, L. M. Kristensen, and Z. H. Qureshi

Design Validation of ZCSP with SPIN
V. Beaudenon, E. Encrenaz, and J.-L. Desbarbieux

Memory Fault Tolerance Software Mechanisms: Design and Configuration Support Through SWN Models
P. Ballarini, L. Capra, G. Franceschinis, and M. De Pierro

12.30-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.30: Session 5

Component-Based Design: Towards Guided Composition
S. Moschoyiannis and M. W. Shields

Compositional High Level Petri Nets with Timing Constraints — A Comparison
E. Pelz and H. Fleischhack

Compositional Verification of Integrity for Digital Stream Signature Protocols
R. Gorrieri, F. Martinelli, M. Petrocchi, and A. Vaccarelli

15.30-16.00: Coffee break

16.00-17.30: Tool Session 2

A Framework for the Development of Protocols
F. Crazzolara and G. Milicia 

BHDL: Circuit Design in B
A. Aljer, P. Devienne, S. Tison, J.-L. Boulanger, and G. Mariano

CONFRES: Interactive Coding Conflict Resolver Based on Core Visualisation
A. Madalinski

Abstract Model Checking and Refinement of Temporal Logic in aSPIN
M. del Mar Gallardo, J. Martínez, P. Merino, and E. Pimentel

VoDkaV Tool: Model Checking for Extracting Global Scheduler Properties from Local Restrictions
J. J. Sánchez Penas and T. Arts

AutoFOCUS and the MoDe Tool
J. Romberg, J. Jürjens, G. Wimmel, O. Slotosch, and G. Hahn 

17.45: Coaches leave for the Conference Banquet at Pousada de Santa Marinha (City of Guimaraes)

23.00: Coaches return

Friday, 20th June 2003

09.00-10.00: Invited talk

Model Driven Embedded Systems
Ian Oliver (PDF)

10.00-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-12.30: Session 7 

Merging State-Based and Action-Based Verification
H. Hansen, H. Virtanen, and A. Valmari

Communicating Transaction Processes
A. Roychoudhury and P. S. Thiagarajan

Logic of Involved Variables—System Specification with Temporal Logic of Distributed Actions
A. Alexander and W. Reisig

Modifying Petri Net Models by Means of Crosscutting Operations
J. P. Barros and L. Gomes

12.30-14.00: Lunch

14.00-16.00: Session 8 

Specification Coverage Aided Test Selection
T. Pyhälä and K. Heljanko

Verification of JavaSpaces™ Parallel Programs
J. van de Pol and M. Valero Espada

On Lifting of Statechart Structuring Mechanisms
L. Gomes and A. Costa

A New Synchronization in Finite Stochastic Petri Box Calculus
H. Macià, V. Valero, F. Cuartero, and F. L. Pelayo

16.00: Closing session

Saturday, 21th June 2003

07.45: Coaches leave for the excursion

09.00: Coaches arrive at Porto

09.30: Boat leaves for the excursion

11.30: Port wine aperitive served on board

12.00: Lunch served on board

16.00: Boat arrives at Peso da Régua

16.30: Visit to a Port wine state with a Port wine tasting

17.40: Train (Bus) departs from Peso da Régua

20.00: Coaches leave for Braga

21.15: Coaches arrive at Braga


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